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The Statements Project is a salon consulting firm offering career advancement resources: mentorship, free technical tutorials, educational events, interviews, blog posts, and especially our robust online business development courses. Ready, set, go!!

The Statement’s Project vision…

is to become a platform of transformation for the modern day salon professional.

Our purpose?

To coach the business owner to master the dual experience.

  • The employee experience, where we’re laser focused on creating happy workplace environments with coordinated leadership and growing teams

  • The guest experience, putting into action,exemplary customer service, tenacious skill, and service consistency which produces the highest retention.

We’re dedicated to advancing your businesses and careers with the levels of resources that you’ll find on our site. Together, we’ll shape our industry and systemize our businesses with the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Who is Nik?

My name is Nik Trowbridge, and I entered into the Beauty industry at 18 years old after growing up as a tomboy(ironically). After searching for the right salon to make a home for myself (finding that more challenging then I originally anticipated), I “accidentally” opened my first salon 18 years ago.

Throughout this process, a lot of learning happened. Fortunately, I had brilliant mentors and a high pain tolerance, which served me well in running a salon company.

So that little salon named Statements the Salon located in Woodbridge, VA has grown to approximately 50 employees grossing around $2.8 million per year. This happened with business systems and an environment that encourages team growth.

I also have an amazing school named Statements the Academy.  We have a time-tested curriculum that transitions students to become fully booked stylists in lightning speed. I’ve been lucky enough to be an educator with a lot of amazing companies like TIGI, Goldwell, AcademyPro, Paul Mitchell Academy guest artist, just to name a few.

Because of this journey, I began a salon consulting company in order to share my experiences as a stylist and salon owner. The knowledge that I gained has defined me and initiated a burning aspiration of educating in a way that’s convenient, broad, and affordable for everyone. In a light bulb moment, the concept of The Statements Project was born.

I hope to add to my future bio: Helped members of the Beauty industry to accelerate their careers and grow incredible salon environments!

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