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Solutions for every salon owner. Levels of resources available depending on the Salon Owner’s needs.

Phone Consultation Package

Fee – $850 ($425 initial payment, $425 on the shadow day)
(If there is additional hourly time needed, an individual call fee of $150 per hour is scheduled.)
What this includes:
  1. Assessment questionnaire.
  2. 6 hours of phone collaboration – In 3 sessions.
    • 1st call – Intake of all information and designing the big picture
    • 2nd call- After the visit to Statements the Salon, to discuss progress and new Strategies
    • 3rd call- We will schedule a designated time to discuss the Salon’s annual goals
  1. A shadow day at Statements the Salon for salon owner and team members to look and learn watching our systems in action.
  2. Nik will provide a written map of strategies for growth in productivity, profitability, and revenue for the upcoming year.
  3. Analysis of which course or business document will be the most effective for you.
  1.  Informal Business assessment and overview to incorporate:
    • The salon owner’s needs
    • Team players roles skills and times
    • Salon hours
    • Existing business infrastructure
    • Service Pricing structure
    • Compensation structures
    • Training programs
    • Goal setting procedures
    • Salon policies
    • Salon communication systems
    • Front desk training systems
    • Community marketing and demographics
    • Leadership roles
    • Color room policies
    • Backbar treatment procedures
    • Breakroom policies
    • Salon Owner Challenges.

Consulting Hourly Rate

Fee – $150

What is included:

  1. Completion of Information Questionnaire
  2. Problem-solving Discussion where we create solutions to your challenges via phone

Business Plan Writing Packages

Are you interested in launching a new salon? Ready to create a detailed Business Plan to present to the bank for funding or to your landlord to start the lease negotiation process?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of writing a gorgeous business plan for your new launch?

Comprehensive Development of Business Plan Writing

Fee – $1500

What is included:

  1. Phone Consultation of your business idea.
  2. Face-to-face meeting to gather information and materials on your new launch (if possible within a 3 hour driving radius) otherwise travel expense will be added. This is optional. This service can be accomplished via phone and email.
  3. The option of Entrepreneur traveling to or site is also possible
  4. Detailed outline of your business plan presented to you with data and headers presented via email or printed version mailed
  5. Full and Comprehensive Business Plan presented via email in Word format or printed version mailed.

Writing of Letter of Intent (LOI)

Fee – $450

What is included:

  1. Phone consultation of your lease negotiation process.
  2. Assistance in Lease negotiation terms (not legal advice). An attorney may be necessary for larger negotiations.
  3. Complete written Letter of Intent to present to potential Landlord
    (This will include communication with you to ensure your involvement every step of the way).

Community Marketing Package

Fee – $800

  1. Creation of custom annual promotion calendar
  2. Enrollment in the Community Marketing Training Course videos
  3. Tracking Documents package provided

Leadership Training

Fee – $4000 Training with Nik and Her Team

  1. Owner training for who to select as leaders
  2. Division of non-income producing and income producing staff to promote
  3. Creation of pay structures for leadership teams
  4. Tasks list will be created to present and trained to appropriate roles
  5. Goal settings trained to leaders and owner and an annual goal setting schedule
  6. Goal setting forms trained and practiced
  7. Creation of benefits package to tie into performance metrics
  8. Written document for
    • All Managements forms trained and implemented – Incident tracker, Infraction and
    • Warning forms trained. Forms provided on a PDF format to customize
    • Minute manager techniques trained. Conversations and motivating measures
  9. Mentorship access via email and text for 3 months following start date of training

Financial Literacy Training

Fee – $6000 with with Nik and Her Team

  1. Enrollment into the Financial Literacy (Zone 2) online course for review
  2. Set up of all commission spreadsheets
  3. Training of all payroll procedures to potential business manager and owner
  4. Set up of a annual budget allocation
  5. Set up of indirect and direct (fixed and variable) expense percentage metrics
  6. Annual review meeting agenda created
  7. Translation of all reports to assess all business metrics
  8. Set up online 941 tax payments
  9. Set up online W-3 and sales tax payments
  10. Learn to read your Profit and Loss statements
  11. Learn to read your cash flow analysis
  12. Train daily summaries to all applicable salon personnel
  13. Train all journal entries into Quickbooks
  14. Set up all Quickbooks
  15. Introduction to accountant to formulate future strategies

The New Salon Launch

Fee – This fee is customizable depending on Entrepreneur needs. (Falls into the range of $6000-$10,000.)

Owning your own business is like a roller coaster ride. It’s a lot of hard work, tons of ups and downs with moments of pure exhilaration. To assist with your launch, The Statements Project can:

  1. Business plan compilation.
  2. Advisement on the incorporation process.
  3. Facilitate the business licensing process.
  4. Assist with your lease negotiations.
  5. Training in hiring procedures, community marketing concepts, and QuickBooks start-up.
  6. Help to create your performance based/team based payroll report set-up.
  7. Front desk training procedures.
  8. Inventory set-up.
  9. Team skill training.
  10. Whatever else you may need.

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