Building our Future Companies with Loyal Brand Advocates

There’s a shift happening in our industry. Can you feel it? Can you hear it in the heightened, motivating voices of our mentors and educators?

Like the blast of cold air when you open the freezer door; it’s there, and it’s always available everywhere at anytime.

Today’s top publications for the salon industry; Modern Salon, American Salon, Beauty Launch Pad, Behind the Chair; all alike, constantly remind us of the forever evolving industry we and our teams have submerged ourselves in with eager aspirations to stay current and afloat.

Business concepts can be a tad bit elusive some days. Sometimes implementation is a harder job than we bargain for. Lawd knows, I know. However, with the overwhelming amount of brilliant empires that you can study these days, the map to success can be at your fingertips.

Let’s examine some of these companies that are leading the path to a more thoughtful and collaborative way of doing business!

There are so many businesses already blazing a trail but I don’t have time to list them all even though I feel so inclined to do so. They are so damn motivating!

Alas, I only have your attention for a few minutes and I’d like to use that time wisely, so I’ll use a few of my favorites to inspire you to analyze your company’s growth in a different light.

Some of these companies are getting crazy creative with their benefit packages and I can’t get enough of it.

They are turning their future focus on their people instead of only profit margins and singular vision. Bravo!

However, don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with singular vision and profits. To each his own.

It’s just that we need to truly understand how vitally important our team of brand advocates is to building our companies’ futures above all else.

Example 1:

Paul Mitchell

I heard the charming, deceivingly intelligent, yet crazy ass Robert Cromeans say at Business rEvolution that John Paul DeJoria asks him the following every time he sees him: “Robert, What can I do for you? Because I just want you to be happy.”

John Paul DeJoria leads Paul Mitchell with a heart filled with “Peace, love and happiness.”

His philosophy not only endears intense allegiance from his entire team but stimulates a legion of diehard brand advocates to Paul Mitchell’s rock star marketing and education. (Not to mention, great profits!)

Example 2:

Visible Changes

This huge salon chain in Texas has over 1,000 employees and has created an annual luxury trip to reward their top producers. They also host a huge employee event every year where they host a fashion show and give out awards. This is a few of the countless ways they look to reward their team’s dedication and hard work. I can’t stress enough how important this is to team building.

Example 3:

Wayne Grund and the SURFACE brand

Wayne believes in giving back as much as possible. He welcomes new members to his company with personalization and fully greets them with a family atmosphere. Wayne also is a visionary who tries to create products that are less toxic for the salon. His certifiably organic line is gluten free, paraben free, and botanical. Not to mention, Wayne is one the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He’s really got a great head on his shoulders and an even better business backing him.

This is the stuff that beauty industry legends are made up of.

There are other companies in other industries whom are forging a new belief system in how we take care of our work families as well.

Example 4:


One of my dear friends is a single mom and works at Google. Her examples of the “out of the box” thinking career paths for their teams is astounding. Google has a philosophy of “creating the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” This not only a non-traditional but incredibly effective way in producing extremely productive work weeks for employees. Google’s mission is to create a work culture that is unconventional and full of comfort for their teams.

Example 5:

SAS Institute

Ranked No.1 greatest place to work, SAS has inspired companies like Google. That’s sayin’ somethin’!

Their vision of creating an intrinsic work environment, both on and off the job, is designed to create real joy for their employees. They follow a total rewards approach that provides both financial and feel-good benefits. This kind of philosophy has built a company with incredibly loyal team players.

Example 6:

Mckinsey & Company

This is one of my favs. Mckinsey &Company is one of the largest global consulting firms in over 60 countries of the world. They have a program called “work-life flexibility” that facilitates work and personal balance. Whoa!

Isn’t this what we are all looking for?

Their “Take Time”program allows for their consultants to take extra time off between project completions.

Either to be with their families or simply just to accomplish their bucket lists. McKinsey & Company promotes a customizable career path for their 11,000 employees worldwide.

I’m in awe of such displays of innovative thinking that engenders such dynamic loyalty and dedication.

Take the time to do a little reading on these companies’ career path concepts when you get a chance. It will be well worth it.

Regardless of your business industry, we are starting to see a massive movement to nurture and create sustainable environments in which our teams not only thrive in their careers but can still accomplish their own personal goals simultaneously.

Here’s what else – your team sees this as well (or maybe just feels it).

The millennium market of new hires is flooding our businesses everyday, more and more. Their expectations are saturated with this type of creative career path building.

So, here’s my shift.

In the last 17 years, I have grown to have 50 employees.

I want to grow my salon company to 120 employees. Within 5 years, I want all of my team, to not only be blissfully happy, highly productive and completely fulfilled but also to be die-hard brand advocates for my brand.

So much so, that my brand therefore becomes their brand. OUR brand.

Is that too much to ask? I’m thinking not.

So what is your shift going to be?

Start with being accountable to your beliefs and your ego.

Look at your own behavior and change what isn’t serving the purpose of team’s growth plan. Will you see the value of this kind of environment for the sake of your company? How do you see your company surviving in a world full of these systemized and ambitious corporations? What kind of future do you want your salon company to have in this new world?

I encourage you to put aside all the salon bullshit and start to realize there is a world out there full of ingenuity and vision that will not only nurture your brand advocates but also create a happy and sustainable company for years to come. More profits are sure to follow.

Remember, when your dream aligns with their dreams, anything is possible.

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