I’d like to share a big picture on some principles for branding your company and services.

I hear that we all say the same thing “Get busier! Make more money! Get bigger!”

But, do we really understand the exponential number of puzzle pieces that coincide with achieving such magic? The kinda magic that happens when your consumers literally beg you to take their money or believe in what you’re doing so much so that your brand starts to represent a way of life for them.

Even more transcending is what your brand’s purpose represents and how this changes the way your consumers think.

There are examples out there of some amazing visionaries that are branded in a way that was not only beautiful and successful, but pure in the way they wanted to change the world with their products.

For example:

  • Apple Steve Jobs’s vision changed the way the world thinks and operates. His company rallied around that vision to create a product that shifted the way the world communicates. Our lives will be forever changed because of that vision and his brand is so strong that it lives on even in his absence.
  • Surface Hair Wayne Grund’s belief system changed when he was 50 and allowed him to re-consider the toxicity in the products we use in the salon world. He created his own products that could alter and better the environments of stylists, support teams and clients who are exposed to potentially harmful ingredients on a daily basis.
  • Tigi– The Mascolo brothers created an avant-garde world in which started a huge shift in the way we marketed products. Their slightly irreverent language created shock value in our thought processes on how polite marketing content needed to be. Their edgy verbiage was perfectly paired with vibrant, unique colors to make a truly unique packaging strategy.
  • Noel DiCaprio This revolutionary marketer created the Day spa concept. She elevated our guest experiences to a whole new level. Now, Salon owners across the country strive to create an experience that is comparable to a resort experience.

Those are just a few of the incredible people that have shifted our industry with their vision and have totally taken branding to a whole other level.

I point out these experiences because I want to inspire all of you to think about branding in a way that shifts and alters belief systems. Consider that your brand doesn’t just sell something, but actually creates communal loyalty. Like bees to honey, it bonds these clients to you, your team, and your brand.

That is the power of branding.

So, let’s discuss 7 key principles of branding that can shift not only your company, but can also magnify your power to influence your consumer base.

  1. SIMPLICITY: Always measure your marketing concepts and campaigns with SIMPLICITY.Focus on offering near perfect services/products with impeccable delivery. Don’t create confusion with too many half-assed services that you don’t really know how to do. Do what you know and do it well!
  2. QUALITY CONTROL: Create a Quality control system around your service/product. You’re the visionary for your brand, so set the standard! Always strive to deliver excellence.Decide how this process is going to work. Who will do it? When it will happen? By what measurement will you gage this product? Document, create, and train.
  3. INNOVATION: Be Challenging in your concepts. This is what Re-invention does, guys. It challenges what’s acceptable in the NOW. It makes people think about what your product can do for their lives the moment your product is introduced and delivered to them. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. What’s the objective? The objective is to generate an idea or service that will be able to evoke raw emotion. Personalization is what everyone searches for nearly everything. Find ways to personalize. Use humor to grab attention and then seal the deal by capturing their hearts.
  4. EXPRESS YOUR BRAND WITH CHARACTER: Be expressive in your Branding dialogue. Create a culture.Don’t follow the pack. Dare to stand out. Don’t try and belong. We are all searching for originality. (Within complete systematic precision, of course.) Be fearless in your writing, imagery, and delivery. Utilize communication tools like referral cards business cards and brochures to develop community outreach. Always remember to have fun with it. Go ahead! Give it a shot.
  5. SELL POSSIBILITY: The “idea” of something is powerful. The idea that can stimulate the consumer’s imagination is truly compelling. What you are really selling, especially with service-based goods, is the possibility of how this can better their lives. You want to convince them that you’re the one with all of the answers and that they are in need of what you have to offer.
  6. PURITY OF PURPOSE: What will be what your business stands for?Your true vision is always what will be most inspiring to your consumers. The truth and real-ness of your business can empower the brain to search for meaning and in turn create a thought process in an instant. Most mission statements declare a desire to deliver the best of everything. So many companies fail to deliver this. The scary part is that some of these businesses aren’t even aware that they are missing the mark. Believe it or not, there are companies that are aware of this and still don’t care. Layers of meaning and a purpose can not only inspire your team to stay true to the vision, but can also forge a connection with your client. This almost always follows up with commitment to your business and then to your Brand.
  7. DELIVER THE GOODS: Under promise and over deliver. Prior to launching a service or business etc., be sure to refine what your service looks like in the consumer’s eyes. Do NOT make false unethical promises and not have a clue on how to deliver. Always be ethical. Stay true to your vision but be adaptable to extending yourself in a selfless way if necessary. This is really important when you’re training. Implement quality control side-by-side with all of your training methods.

Get back to the basics of why you’re in this business in the first place. Search for the meaning in what YOU do. I assure you that this will be where you’ll find your success.

Good luck with all that you create.
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